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Testimonies of Healing

Protected from swarm of bees

From the December 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

One fine midmorning not too long ago, I sat down on the couch to enjoy some quiet time before lunch. As I was resting there, I watched a bee enter my room through the small gap at the bottom of the door. Soon, two more followed. I swatted them with a slipper. When I looked outside my window, I noticed that there were several more bees flying around.  

My next-door neighbor keeps thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of bees for making honey. On this day they had apparently wandered from their beehives over to my home. The bees continued to enter the house in large numbers, and I was afraid. I did not think to plug the gap underneath the door. The noise from the buzzing was loud and disturbing. And I worried that I might get stung many times and that it somehow could be dangerous. 

The bees were many now and were gathering on the inside of one of the windows, forming a cluster. I didn’t want to open the windows to let them out for fear others would come in. It seemed that there was nothing I could do to rid myself of them, and they were starting to overwhelm me. I tried my best to calm down, and I sat down to pray. 

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