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Rotation in office for the Committee on Publication

- Church News

Dear Church Family,

I’m happy to share this announcement from the Christian Science Board of Directors. 

With much love,  

Suzanne Riedel, Clerk

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

With our deep appreciation for his service to the Cause of Christian Science, Russ Gerber, C.S.B, and Manager of the Committees on Publication, will be handing the baton to Richard Evans, C.S.B, current Committee for the State of Arizona, on November 1.   

Russ’s devotion to the movement has been unstinting, beginning many years ago with his public practice and teaching of Christian Science, his well-known work as Associate Editor for the Christian Science Sentinel print and radio editions, and his transition to the Committee Office in 2007. As Manager for the last five years, Russ has broadened the scope of Committee work in significant ways. He has put his whole heart into correcting the imposition that material science is the only way to health and salvation, an error that hides the Science of Christ-healing and the power of divine Love available to all.

Russ says: “It’s been a great privilege to learn and grow in the practice of Christian Science through employment at The Mother Church. I’ve also had the privilege of working with Rich through those years and know that he’ll bring a readiness, high expectations, and a fresh perspective to the Manager’s role.” We join with the Field in extending our heartfelt thanks and love to Russ and his wife, Jo Ann. Russ will continue to hold his class and association in Southern California.

We are also grateful that Rich has agreed to assume the responsibilities of the Boston-based Manager as provided in the Church Manual. Rich comes to the work as practitioner and teacher, as well as the Committee for Arizona. Prior to his full-time commitment to these roles, Rich practiced law and was an executive officer of several global corporations. Throughout his life, his interest in diverse cultures has been evident in his early Peace Corps service in the Philippines and in many of his business career assignments. He and his wife, Blythe, who is also a Journal-listed practitioner, look forward to engaging with the Boston community, as well as with the global activities of the Committee. “We are grateful to serve Church in this capacity,” Rich says. “Russ has brought to the Committees’ writing an attention to the uniqueness of Christ-healing and its importance to public thought. It will be a joy to build on the foundation Russ has helped establish.”

Rich’s class teaching and pupils’ association will continue to be held in Arizona.



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