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Admission of new members

- Church News

Dear Members and Friends,

It is a joy and a privilege for me to report the admission of new members to The Mother Church!

Christian Science offers the true social purpose for all. It is defined in the healing mission of The Church of Christ, Scientist, to offer a radical cure for the ills of human society. As members of The Mother Church, we each have the opportunity to further cultivate our individual practice of this Christ-healing. God is impelling us all to forward the availability of Christian Science healing and the power of Spirit in the affairs of man. Your individual and rightful representation as a Christian Science healer is a beautiful promise.

Take the opportunity to benefit from all The Mother Church provides to offer you fundamental and intelligent support in your devotion to developing clear spiritual thinking and action:

  • the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy—your textbooks for daily study of Christian Science, including through the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons;
  • the Christian Science periodicals—The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, and The Herald of Christian Science—where others’ healing experiences encourage your healing practice; and The Christian Science Monitor—your door to embracing the world and praying for all of God’s people;
  • Christian Science Primary class instruction—the way to plant yourself in the fundamentals of Christian Science practice and advance your spiritual growth and demonstration of unselfed love.

We certainly cherish with love our newest members joining us.

Admission of new members takes place at a regular business meeting of the Christian Science Board of Directors as outlined in the Church Manual. The Board voted to admit new members to our worldwide church family, with applications received in Dutch, English, French, German, Igbo, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. They were sent to us from the following locations: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Zimbabwe.

As always, our sincere gratitude goes out to all members and Christian Science teachers who support the admission of new members through their prayers and by approving and countersigning applications.

Applications for membership are welcome at any time. The next admission of new members will take place on November 3, 2023. Completed applications must be received by the Office of the Clerk no later than the end of the business day (4:00 p.m. Boston time) on November 1.

With you in prayer as a fellow Christian Science healer,

Laurie Q. Richardson
Clerk of The Mother Church

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