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From the January 1905 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Sweeter than twilight music winging thought to heights Unseen; serener than the summer sea in nights Of silver splendor; loftier than the peaks that part The freighted rain-clouds; brighter than the diamond's heart Where captive lightning flashes; changeless as the pine Whose green boughs greet alike the centuries' storm and shine; Firmer than rocks that rib the wrinkled hills; yet mild And white and songful as the pure mind of a child Is one against whose breast in vain sin hurls his spears, Whose armor mightier is than that at The tis' prayer By Vulcan forged. The strong, true man, priest at the shrine Of Truth, triumphant over doubt and pain and tears, Heir of the morning, lord of earth and sea and air, God's masterpiece, unveils his lineage divine.