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From the January 1906 issue of The Christian Science Journal

THE instructions of a man who was never known to make a mistake ought to be worthy of emulation, yet professing Christians will tell us that many of the precepts of our Lord and Master cannot be made practical in every-day life. Is this because they have not obeyed these very precepts, but are trying to believe without understanding them? Jesus' life was a complete exemplification of the precepts he taught, and when we stop to think of the marvelous good that was wrought during his brief stay on earth, of the peace and joy and happiness that entered into the lives of others, of the sick who were healed and of the sinful who were redeemed, is it an evidence of Christian loyalty and appreciation to believe that his teachings cannot be made applicable to the every-day needs of our present civilization? Should not such grand achievements rather encourage and stimulate us to a more determined effort to grasp the true meaning of the Master's words and works and to apply them? How may this be brought about? The Master has told us in unmistakable language how we may arrive at correct conclusions concerning his doctrine, and there is no record of any better or easier way than that which he taught.