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[Written for the Journal]


From the July 1911 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I dreamed I saw the world a misty void, And darkness lay upon the watery deep. 'Twas vague and meaningless, no purpose lent it motion; I looked more closely, and the darkness deepened, Yet seemed it that I saw with more distinctness; Could this be Mind, expressed thus in confusion? Or this be Life, hedged in by finiteness, And stayed by this strange thing called time With nameless terror spreading apathy? Held by some spell, in fear and doubt I watched The fruitless birth-throes of its centuries; The cruel wars for wealth, for pride, for power, That knew no mercy for the vanquished foe; Vain wars where blinding superstition strove To force with carnage unity of thought; Then wars for freedom, that each might pursue In his own way his own concept of good; Then kindlier feelings, sacrificing self For others' welfare.