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Before coming to Christian Science...

From the November 1912 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Before coming to Christian Science, I had been suffering from ill health for many years, and worry seemed to increase it, until at times I suffered almost complete collapse. I tried many doctors and remedies without any benefit, I also tried willpower, and thought that if I paid no attention to my ailments they might disappear in time; but I kept getting worse, until finally I gave up and sank into a state of hopelessness, when death would indeed have been welcome. But when this extremity is reached is God's opportunity, and at this time I had a neighbor who was a Christian Scientist. He would often ask me to read some of the literature, and he also offered to help me. I however scorned this offer, and looked on him as a religious crank. I would not even look at the literature, but instead of being offended, he never lost an opportunity to tell me that God could and would heal me, if I would let Him.

This went on for about six years, and gradually I began to think that I might try Christian Science and see what it would do for me, although I did not in the least believe in it. In March, 1907, it seemed as if I had reached the climax of suffering, both mentally and physically, and as a last resort I consented to try Christian Science. I had one present treatment; then I began to read Science and Health, and strange as it may seem, I could not read fast enough. I had some glimpses of the truth; not fanciful or shadowy, but truth which I could apply and prove every day, and so dispel the awful fear and darkness in which I had lived almost all my life.

In about three weeks I was healed of an ailment of over twenty-four years' standing. The nervous trouble did not yield at once, and it seemed as if this, together with the ridicule and opposition which I had to endure from family and friends, would if possible hold me back; but I kept bravely on, always realizing that God's presence was with me, until in a year's time I was completely healed of every ailment, and they have never returned. Am I grateful for these benefits? I am indeed inexpressibly grateful to God, also to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, that I was so lovingly and unselfishly led to the glorious truth which has set me free.—