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I wish to express my gratitude...

From the November 1912 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me, hoping that it may benefit some one as I have been helped. This truth found me with my health and home broken up. I was most miserable when I was led to a Christian Science home, where I saw the truth lived every day, and words can never express my gratitude for the good I have received through the understanding I thus gained. My constant prayer had been to know why I had to suffer so, but I soon realized, after reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, that it was an army of false beliefs which had caused all my trials, so I quickly determined to put them to flight. I road Science and Health every spare minute I had, and it has surely made a new person of me. Indeed I often think of that beautiful hymn sung in our churches, which begins, "O Life that maketh all things new."

Instead of poor health and worry, I now have the best of health and rest in the promises of Him who is all power. I also have my two boys with me and we are very happy. Last summer one of them ran a nail through the thick part of his thumb with such force that it required considerable effort to remove it. The hand was, however, perfectly well in less than a week, and he did not suffer from it but a short time. I have never used medicine in any way since T first knew of Christian Science. I now work all day over the stove, but do not suffer from the heat, and it is very seldom that I ever feel even the least bit fatigued. Is it any wonder that we are grateful to the one who lived near enough to the Father to discover this healing truth and give it to a suffering world!—