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It is with a great sense of joy and...

From the November 1912 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is with a great sense of joy and gratitude that I add my testimony to the steadily increasing number of those who have been brought out of darkness into the light of Truth through the teachings of Christian Science. Since I became interested in this teaching I have received many blessings—so many that it would not be possible to relate them all here. I have been changed from a restless, discontented woman, into a happy, healthy-minded, and contented being, for the truth has brought me a peace which I never thought it was possible to find in this world. I have learned something of the meaning of Jesus' words, "The kingdom of God is within you," and of the consequent joy, freedom, and liberty which this knowledge, this realization of the truth, brings with it.

I am deeply grateful for all the good I have and know, and I think the most wonderful blessing I have received is the healing, not long ago, of an almost overwhelming sense of grief. For a fortnight I seemed to be groping in the dark, trying to find the light which I knew material sense could never really hide; but by persistently keeping my vision turned to the scientific fact that the harmony of the kingdom within can never be disturbed, because nothing unlike God, infinite Mind, infinite Love, can ever enter there, I discovered that the sunshine of this ever-presence had melted the dark clouds of material sense, and I knew that for all time I had been healed of grief. I also realized, as never before, that nothing can separate us from the love of God. To speak of gratitude to our dear Leader seems a poor way to express what one really feels for the great work she has accomplished, the result of which is every day releasing humanity from sin, sickness, and sorrow.—