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With a deep sense of thankfulness...

From the November 1912 issue of The Christian Science Journal

With a deep sense of thankfulness I write this testimony for the benefit of others, realizing the help I have received in the same way. I have known something of the good done by Christian Science for more than twenty years, but did not study it until the last eight or ten years, and I find that the more I study and try to demonstrate its teachings the more I gain from it. I seemed to be a physical wreck after a siege of fever about ten years ago, but Christian Science has healed me. The work has seemed slow, but as I gain in the understanding, I gain in strength, and I am now able to overcome many things that had troubled me for years. A rupture which had been in evidence for several years was cured in one treatment, and this was accomplished when it seemed the worst it had ever been.

As we see the wonders which are being wrought in Christian Science, we can but thank God, and also Mrs. Eddy for bringing to us again the light of Truth.—