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From the April 1921 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christian Science comes to no two of us in the same way and finds no two of us at the same starting point. We may have a sick body or a sick business and some longing for spiritual things, or perhaps some friend's experience has turned us to Christian Science for healing. We may always have longed for a clear and comprehensible religion in place of orthodoxy's corporeal sense of heaven and earth, and Christian Science seems likely to supply it; but whatever may be our particular need and in whatever way we may begin to try to apply Christian Science to its healing, it is just there that we start on that journey from the false sense of things to the truth. It does not make any difference whether one's start is whole-hearted or half-hearted, whether it is taken to please others or of fierce necessity; whether we realize it at the time or not we have set our feet on that road which in spite of all our wanderings and mistakes grows clearer and clearer to the sight and ends only in spiritual life understood and materiality overcome.

I well remember my own experience, as a case in point. Christian Science was brought to my notice for the first time by a member of my family who had heard of it from a friend. Being sick and despondent I eagerly jumped at it and the only fear was that it would prove too good to be true. Shortly afterwards "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy was borrowed and anxiously read, but the disappointment was keen because the book seemed to me to be incomprehensible and to deal with vague hypotheses altogether outside of human experience.

In spite of the disappointment, however, which resulted in the study being discontinued for a time, the desire to read the book again and to understand it never left me, and the next time the textbook became available sufficient of it was grasped and put into practice to remove any doubts that here was the pearl of great price that all the world needed and which many were actually looking for.

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