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Christian Science has been my...

From the April 1927 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christian Science has been my only help and reliance almost ever since I can remember. It would be almost impossible to count the number of times I have been helped and healed through the application of the laws of Truth as found in our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. The way has been pretty dark at times, and my faith has been tried sorely, but the truth has always triumphed in the end.

On the way home from school recently, my little boy stopped to play on some high stone steps. He fell from them about fifteen feet on to a concrete walk. When with the help of one of his little schoolmates he returned home, he could not bear his foot upon the ground, and it was swollen from the ankle down. I called a very dear and faithful practitioner who has helped us through many trials, and the little fellow only complained of a little pain that evening. There were a great many suggestions made by members of the family and outsiders as to bandaging and applications and how long it would be before he would walk again, and one member was sure the bones were broken and that the foot had better be examined by a physician. I knew it did not make any difference to divine Love what the condition was, and that we did not need any help from anyone or anything but Him.

The child slept comfortably that night, and the next day hopped around on one foot without much discomfort; but he was very fearful. He got up the next morning with the condition about the same, and still fearing to put his foot to the ground. I said to him, "God's child does not have to hop around like that; put your foot on the floor and walk on it." The fear seemed to leave him after that. By noon he was able to put his shoe on, and by night he was walking very freely. The condition just melted away before our very eyes, and the next day there was no trace of swelling or lameness. The little fellow is a member of the Sunday school, and when asked how it happened that he fell off the steps he replied, "I forgot to think about God." How true it is of us big children, that when we forget to think about God we too stumble by the wayside; but He is always near to help us to our feet again.