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Sincere gratitude impels me to...

From the April 1927 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Sincere gratitude impels me to acknowledge the blessings which have come to me through Christian Science; and it is with joy that I write this testimony of God's healing power and loving care. Nine and a half years ago I turned to Christian Science for physical help. It indeed found me in a miserable condition. I had been in poor health most of the time for fourteen years, during the last few years of which I was a great sufferer. There seemed to be the utmost discouragement and no deliverance from pain. When I look back upon and recall the years of suffering and the many sleepless nights, my heart overflows with gratitude for this priceless blessing of deliverance.

I had been treated by many physicians of different schools, had visited watering places, and had undergone two serious operations. After all these years I was told that nothing could help me but more operations, one for adhesions of the intestines caused by the previous operations. It was almost impossible for food to pass through my body. Even liquids would cause intense suffering. There were ulceration of mouth, stomach, and bowels, fistula, hemorrhoids, bladder trouble, and bad tonsils, for all of which, except the bladder trouble, I had been advised to be operated upon. I suffered intensely with headaches, to which I had been accustomed since childhood. It seemed that they always followed overexertion.

I had heard of the healings effected by Christian Science, but had no concept of this religion. From the first visit with a dear practitioner, there has never been a doubt of the truth and healing power of Christian Science. From the first treatment all organs began to function naturally. After a year of the strictest dieting—for anything that I ate would cause suffering—on taking up Christian Science daily meals were enjoyed, and also peaceful nights of rest and sleep. In two weeks I was well. The joy, peace, and happiness that have been mine during the past years cannot be expressed in words. In the past few years I have been healed of rheumatic trouble; and a dislocated and sprained ankle was healed in a few days.