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When about twelve years of age, I...

From the April 1927 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When about twelve years of age, I had a severe fall while roller skating. I could walk only with much pain and difficulty, and could not bend over or dress myself. At that time I was attending the Christian Science Sunday School, but neither my own understanding nor that of the other members of my family was sufficient to meet the situation, for we had been interested in Christian Science only a short time. So a practitioner was called upon for help. In about three or four days I was healed. I shall never forget how marked the disappearing of this condition was each day. The power of Truth impressed me greatly.

Since that time I have learned to understand something of the divine Principle of this healing work, the truth which Jesus taught and practiced, and I have had many proofs of God's loving care and presence. I have been healed of inflammatory rheumatism, influenza, a skin infection, and many lesser difficulties With each physical healing has come moral and spiritual uplifting, for which I am most grateful. While some experiences have seemed very dark, unjust, and prolonged, I can now see that I was just being tried and purified.

While going through one very long, trying experience I read and sang many of the hymns from our Hymnal. Never before did they mean so much to me. Never before did I realize the comfort and healing in them. The following words of a verse in a hymn were especially helpful and encouraging: