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From the June 1930 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When the student of Mary Baker Eddy's teachings gratefully considers the wonderful inheritance left to him in Christian Science, his gratitude would be signally incomplete did it not include the individual whom God used as His instrument in our day to make divine healing readily understandable and practically applicable.

In a definite sense we inherit the lasting good accomplished and the knowledge transmitted by our human predecessors; that is, we may avail ourselves of the results of their learning and work, so far as these manifest the quality of permanency; but we are most indebted to those who have contributed to the world's advancement spiritual thought and teaching. Our debt goes back to those who earliest recognized God, to such leaders as Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, the permanent records of whose influence are to be found in the Scriptures. The mother of Moses contributed to the world's good, for she had him under her care during his earliest years; and presumably she trained him the more carefully since he was regarded as the adopted son of Pharaoh's daughter, one who might become influential in the nation's affairs. Someone has written of Moses that he was no doubt taught by the priests at Heliopolis; nevertheless, it was not their teaching of a sun god, but the teaching of his people, doubtless imparted to him by his mother, which Moses reflected in his faith in the one almighty God, the "I AM THAT I AM."

We are indebted to the later prophets and also to the disciples of Jesus, who perpetuated and applied what they understood of the true God. More than to all others, however, we are under obligation to Christ Jesus, the great Way-shower, the one who brought in such great measure to barren lives the influx of the healing and saving power of the Christ, Truth. His struggles and triumphs, his works and words, have touched and influenced all of Christendom during almost two thousand years; and his teachings are the basis of Christian Science. To Christ Jesus, Mrs. Eddy pays devoted and touching tribute throughout her writings.

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