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From the June 1930 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Joy is a natural accompaniment of acquaintance with good. Spiritualization of thought, gained through the understanding of God made possible in this age through the treasures of Truth revealed by Christian Science, brings joy and enrichment beyond compare. The world has long struggled in the darkness of despair and frequent discouragement attendant upon the beliefs of life, substance, and intelligence in matter; and it has awaited some message of Truth and assurance which would bring it freedom from such woe. How glorious is the freedom that is gained through the truth which Christian Science reveals concerning God and the real man in His likeness! Well may men rejoice in such a priceless gift! Well may they be grateful in their hearts for it!

The truth of being which is ever present has been discerned to some extent by those who have looked up to God and away from a world immersed in the beliefs of matter, or the flesh. Truth has been perceived when men have turned unreservedly to God, Spirit, for deliverance from the bondage of materiality; it has awaited the full recognition of its divine reality. During Christ Jesus' ministry much progress was made in this direction, his followers being inspired by his teaching and demonstration of Truth's—divine Love's—ever-presence. Then, as time went on, mankind was disobedient to the commands of the Master, whose spirituality of thought enabled him so clearly to recognize man's oneness with the Father; and, not being prepared to follow so divine an example, mankind found itself befogged in the darkness of material beliefs.

Now once more to a waiting world, through the pure, unselfed thought of Mrs. Eddy, has come the joyous message and demonstration of Truth. Our Leader says of this reappearing (No and Yes, p. 28): "Has Truth, as demonstrated by Jesus, reappeared? Study Christian Science and practise it, and you will know that Truth has reappeared. What is demonstrably true cannot be gainsaid." Christian Science is demonstrably true, as its grateful adherents can testify. And as its light dawns in individual human consciousness, they behold anew the glorious fact of ever present good and its practical availability for the solution of all problems to which flesh is believed to be heir, all problems which originate in the belief that matter is real.

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