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It seems at times that no one has...

From the March 1936 issue of The Christian Science Journal

IT seems at times that no one has more reason than I for deep thankfulness for Christian Science, which found me when life seemed useless and all efforts futile. I was standing, as it were, on the curbstone of life, watching the world's hurrying and scurrying for a purpose it could not itself logically define. Christian Science has gently and firmly brought me into a more spiritual consciousness.

The healings most helpful to me, since I started to learn how to work out my salvation aright, are those of spiritual barrenness. I loved some parts of my Bible, yet even though I attended my former church regularly, I had the feeling of having nothing to live for and of being a misfit generally. Many and varied have been my physical healings. Coughs and colds, which I used to have summer and winter regularly, I have not had for years; likewise, watery colds in the eyes, after my taking baths and going outdoors at night. I was healed of diphtheria in two or three days through the work of a practitioner. My thorough realization that we do "live, and move, and have our being" in God, healed me of terrible pain in my toes, of many years' standing; also the healing of ugly feet has come about by understanding this passage from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy (pp. 243, 244): "Perfection does not animate imperfection. Inasmuch as God is good and the fount of all being, He does not produce moral or physical deformity; therefore such deformity is not real, but is illusion, the mirage of error." These healings and many more have been accomplished through that "radical reliance on Truth" (ibid., p. 167), which our splendid, God-loving, humanity-loving Leader demands of the followers of Christ.

I am grateful beyond measure for membership in The Mother Church and a branch church; for the universal availability and applicability of this truth, and its utilization by faithful practitioners everywhere. Not for all the world's wealth would I exchange what Christian Science has given me, that peace of God, divine Love, which passeth all human understanding.—

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