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Twelve years ago I began seriously...

From the March 1936 issue of The Christian Science Journal

TWELVE years ago I began seriously the study of Christian Science, not for the healing of any particular ailment, but more in the search for a haven into which might be guided a wayward and rudderless ship, such as I felt myself to be. During these twelve years, however, I have had many proofs of the healing power and protective care of our loving Father-Mother God, as revealed to us by our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

For a period of eight years previous to taking up the study of Christian Science, I had taken daily, and sometimes twice daily, a certain medicine to relieve chronic constipation. Some two or three weeks after beginning the study of Christian Science and attending church services, my wife said that if we were to believe what we were being taught, the medicine which I was then taking should have no place in our home. To this I somewhat reluctantly agreed. So one morning, after giving me a final dose of this medicine, she emptied the contents of our medicine cabinet into the ash can. Thus not only ended the taking of medicine, but also ended the ailment for which the medicine had been taken. Quickly followed the overcoming of the drinking and smoking habits of many years' standing, as well as the healing of many other erroneous conditions. These healings were brought about through the realization and utilization of the power of God to heal any and all inharmonious conditions. I know that it is God, infinite good, who heals, for as Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health (p. 231), "If God heals not the sick, they are not healed, for no lesser power equals the infinite All-power." I also know that these healings are permanent, because "whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever."

I am grateful for membership in The Mother Church and a branch church, and for the privilege of participating in many of the activities of the latter. I am grateful for class instruction by a teacher who has patiently and lovingly assisted me in the laying of a foundation whereupon I may safely and securely build —the foundation of the allness of God. More than all, I am deeply and profoundly grateful to our beloved Leader for having revealed to us this most wonderful truth, through the study and application of which I am becoming better acquainted with God, "who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases."—

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