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When I first heard of Christian Science...

From the June 1936 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I first heard of Christian Science I was seriously ill with what had been diagnosed as tubercular peritonitis. Different treatments had been or were being tried, but little hope for recovery was given me by the attending physicians and I grew steadily worse and was thoroughly discouraged. At that time my husband attended a lecture on Christian Science. He brought home a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel, which I tried to read. In it was a testimony which I read over and over, and the first ray of hope shone for me when I thought, If a healing like that can take place, I too can be healed. I talked to a practitioner, who assured me that I could be healed, that there was no disease that Christian Science could not heal. We dismissed the attending physician and asked for Christian Science treatment, which was lovingly given. A decided improvement was immediately apparent, and in a short while I was up and about, attending to my housework.

About a year later a condition manifested itself which seemed very serious. On returning home one evening, I had a severe hemorrhage of the lungs. I again asked the practitioner for help. The next morning, however, this same thing occurred again and it repeated itself nine times more in the course of a few days. A physician was called in to diagnose the case. The diagnosis was that one lung was completely gone and the other one was very nearly gone, and that from a medical standpoint there was no hope for me. I did not know what this physician had said till years later. After eleven hemorrhages I felt weak and exhausted. All this time the practitioner was giving the case much time and effort, and the results of her faithful work were most remarkable. Because I was at home all alone, a Christian Science nurse was obtained. She stayed a week. The following week I went to visit some friends, being able to take care of myself entirely. This healing occurred eighteen years ago, and I have been in excellent health ever since.

Christian Science has helped me in other ways and on occasions too numerous to mention. When conscientiously applied, it never fails. On page 260 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy we read, "Science reveals the possibility of achieving all good, and sets mortals at work to discover what God has already done."

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