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From the June 1951 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Through the revelation that came to Mary Baker Eddy there has been vouchsafed to Christian Scientists spiritual understanding of the Master's teachings with attendant power to obey his commands to heal sickness and sin and to break the hold of death. Insofar as they remain true to this trust they are servants of mankind and leaders of nations. They are cities set on hills of thought, where demonstrations of Christian healing may be seen by all men. No prophet of old was provided with greater authority and power from on high than is the consecrated Christian Scientist of today. And no Christian Scientist has less obligation of devotion to this bestowal than did the ancient men of God to their earth missions.

The healing work of Christian Science patterns the Biblical records of divine deliverance of men from evil, because it emanates from the same source that inspired prophet and apostle. It is functioning today to warn humanity of enemy errors, to guard the gates of thought, to strengthen the walls of courage, and to cause the reign of righteousness to appear in more permanent aspect. In mental watchtowers of the world it heralds the presence of the peace of God.

To experience greater evidences of divine healing power in all the walks of life today is doubtless the desire of many peoples. Christian Scientists are humbly and earnestly striving towards this goal in their dealings with themselves and with their fellow men. They have learned in some degree that such healing occurs through the energy of holiness recognized and yielded to by human consciousness. And they have found that the effects of this energy become more apparent as thought turns from the contemplation of materialism and abides with spiritual reality. In proportion as men turn unreservedly and continuously to God for help in every situation, divine healing appears as more than an occasional occurrence; it becomes uninterrupted evidence of omnipresent, supreme harmony. It is the command of the Christ, not the demand of mortality. Inspired analysis of Christ Jesus' example reveals the essence of his healing efficacy and indicates how men today may successfully follow the method of their elder brother.