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I am very grateful to God for having...

From the July 1953 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I am very grateful to God for having led me into marriage with a Christian Scientist. My interest in his religion began when I found that I had read every book in our possession with the exception of my husband's well-worn copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. Willing to read anything to pass the time, I picked up the book. While reading it I was healed of the need for wearing glasses. With this healing I gained a sense of true humility.

Through the gentle, patient help of a practitioner I learned that God's healing grace is ever present for all. One day our little son tore his lip on the sharp edge of a toy. The blood flowed profusely. We called a practitioner, and the bleeding stopped immediately. While the youngster slept, his older brother, aged four, helped us greatly in holding only Godlike thoughts. The truths he uttered increased our assurance of good. When the younger boy awoke from his nap the wound had closed, leaving only a small mark. Before long this too had disappeared.

I should like to relate an instantaneous healing which I experienced recently. After a telephone conversation during which much wrong thinking was expressed to me a distressing condition of migraine became manifest. The pain was so great that I was unable to work as we are taught in Christian Science. By night the condition still persisted. Before I called the practitioner I wondered whether I should first ask him to help me or whether I should inquire about the time of my appointment with him on the following day. I decided to voice, the happy thought first, that of the appointment. As I spoke to the practitioner I felt so joyous and so greatly uplifted that I forgot to mention the headache. I felt very foolish and decided to wait a few moments before calling him again. Then, to my astonishment, I realized that the pain had completely vanished.