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I too should like to express my sincere...

From the December 1957 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I too should like to express my sincere gratitude for Christian Science and for the improvement it has brought about in my thinking over the past ten years. There have been many evidences of growth in grace, as well as proofs of God's presence and power, in the overcoming of fear, limitation, and false traits of character.

I was healed of warts on my hands when, through the study of the Bible and the writings of Mrs. Eddy, I learned that growth is a spiritual process, that man cannot experience hardness, and that the man of God's creating is unspotted, unblemished. At a Christian Science lecture in The Mother Church one Sunday afternoon I was instantly healed of an upset stomach, from which I had felt extremely ill. After the lecture was over, I ate a hearty meal and joined a group of friends to admire a beautiful sunset.

Early in my study of Christian Science, through the help of a Christian Science practitioner I was healed of mumps. After a quiet week end I returned to my place of employment, healed. My parents, who are not Christian Scientists, acknowledged the healing in Christian Science.