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From the December 1957 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Awakening is not a process that really occurs in Deity, for the divine Mind is eternally alert and active. One cannot conceive of omniactive divine Principle as ever sleeping or even requiring sleep. As the Psalmist declared (Ps. 121: 3, 4): "He that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." Being the expression of infinite Mind, which is always conscious, man is forever awake to the truth of his being. His is a radiant, uninterruptible, deathless consciousness of harmony and perfection. These basic truths can be applied helpfully in human experience, for "the Word was made flesh" (John 1:14), that is, divine Love always meets mankind's need.

God's man, sustained by his heavenly Father, cannot suffer from lack of sleep. The consciousness of Truth which one entertains is restful. If one is inclined to think that he requires a certain amount of sleep, he may at times feel penalized because he has not attained his self-imposed standard. One having difficulty in sleeping should not attempt to tell God his needs. On the contrary, he should rest in the assurance that divine Love cares for every facet of his well-being. Thus he overcomes the fear of not sleeping normally.

We can rejoice that there is in reality no overaction of the brain or nerves, no discordant tension, no abnormal pressure, no rehearsal of unsolved problems that can encroach on our thought or interfere with the harmony of our being. He who is fearless, relaxed, poised, trusting in God and His law of the certain unfoldment of good, will enjoy restful sleep. The consciousness of good is manifested in what is needful for humanity beyond what it can outline.

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