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We read in Science and Health (p. 3),...

From the October 1967 issue of The Christian Science Journal

We read in Science and Health (p. 3), "Action expresses more gratitude than speech." And in obedience to this dictum I am writing of my gratitude for the many healings, both physical and mental, which have come into my experience. I hope that an account of some of them may assist others in their search for an understanding of God.

When I first learned of Christian Science, my whole life was in a turmoil. I had been a semi-invalid for a number of years; my home life was discordant and unhappy. I had been praying earnestly for some light to lessen the burden which I seemed to be carrying. I had studied the doctrine and fundamentals of several different denominations over a number of years, had attended their services, and had to the best of my ability followed their teachings; but I could not find the truth that satisfied logic nor a love that confirmed my mortal sense of what constitutes love. Then, through quite a remarkable series of incidents, I was brought into contact with a Christian Scientist, who loaned me a copy of Science and Health. Immediately it answered all my questions and seemed to put into words all the conclusions toward which I had been groping for so many years.

When I was a very new student of Science, my husband, who was rather scornful of what he termed my "new thought," developed a serious condition which doctors did not appear to be able to help in spite of treatment lasting a few months. Suddenly, at a time when he appeared to be having a particularly bad bout, as we sat at lunch one day, he said: "Well, you always say that your new thought can heal. Why don't you help me?"