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I am very grateful that I had the opportunity...

From the August 1968 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity of attending a Christian Science Sunday School during the prescribed period. My mother impressed upon me from the time I was about twelve that I should be able to heal myself and others with my knowledge of Christian Science, and this attitude certainly helped me when she and a sister passed on two years later.

The decision to study and apply Christian Science to the best of my ability came three years after that when my father passed on very suddenly. At that time I was in the hospital suffering from a serious kidney complaint, and I knew that the chances of my recovery were thought not to be very good by the medical profession. When I heard that my father had passed on, I decided that it was useless trying to live and that it would be much easier to give in, thinking at least to join my parents.

However, thoughts of all my earlier teaching and what my mother expected of me by way of demonstration in Christian Science gave me food for thought over a few days, and I made up my mind to live and to be completely healed. As the rest of my family were not interested in Christian Science, and I was receiving some medical attention, I did not ask for the help of a Christian Science practitioner but decided to apply my own understanding of the man of God's creating to this situation. The doctors were very surprised at my rapid recover)'. One of them said they were sending me to a convalescent home as they were suspicious of people who recovered that quickly.