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(Our Branch Church)

From the September 1969 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Our Branch Church

Will people—our neighbors— Talk of robbings and muggings, Of error and fear, of mayhem and sluggings? Will they twitter like sparrows? Will they parrot their fear? Or will they speak of the blessings That flow from us , here? Will they speak of our church As "a blessing from heaven"— Of the healings performed; Sins destroyed and forgiven, Of supply never failing, of devils cast out, Of spiritual riches and faith without doubt? So unbushel the candle and let your light shine! Let our church be a beacon, Let our light far outshine The mute trumpet of error That can play only nothings, Negation and terror. The love in our hearts can fill every pew, The joy from our lips Can "distil as the dew"; The strength of our smile Can welcome the stranger, The power of our Truth Can protect us from danger.