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Good Ideas Are Never Thwarted

From the June 1977 issue of The Christian Science Journal

All ideas that are genuine and true come directly from God. They are inevitably good. They always have an essential and specific purpose. Such ideas are never deflected, never obstructed, never resisted or rejected. Man is perceptive of such ideas. In fact, he includes each true and right idea because it is the gift of divine Love. As the Psalmist realized, "How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!"Ps. 139:17;

Most of us at one time or another have offered what we considered to be a very helpful, or useful, even needful idea. And then somewhere along the line it ran into resistance and was finally thwarted. Sometimes an employer may fail to see the value of an innovative suggestion advanced by an employee. A majority of church members may not recognize the value of a motion put before them. A progressive step within the government may get permanently tied with red tape. A useful invention may be strangled by opposing vested interests.

Is it inconsistent to insist nevertheless that good ideas are never thwarted, even though most of us have witnessed what we considered to be a valuable proposal brought to a standstill? We need to define the nature of a good idea. Christian Science teaches that in its fullest and most accurate sense, the term "good" relates to God. He is good. He is the all-knowing, ever-present Mind. His ideas are good. They are good because Mind is divine Love. Man does not privately possess nor does he personally create a good idea. Because good ideas come from God, they are deeply meaningful to man. In fact, they constitute the very substance of his being. The fact of man's purity is a good idea. Brotherhood and justice are good ideas. So, from an entirely spiritual point of view, truly good ideas are divine.