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For almost ten years I suffered from insomnia...

From the October 1980 issue of The Christian Science Journal

For almost ten years I suffered from insomnia and took prescribed medications in an effort to find rest at night. Sometimes I used several different medicines simultaneously when taking the drugs separately failed to put me to sleep.

Then, three years ago, I attended my first Christian Science church service. I was so impressed by the love that was shown to me at this branch Church of Christ, Scientist—first of all by the ushers and afterward by the congregation as they welcomed me—that I decided to return the following Sunday. During the week, I lost all need for sleep-inducing agents, and I have enjoyed restful sleep ever since.

A By-Law titled "Prayer in Church" from the Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy reads (Art. VIII, Sect. 5): "The prayers in Christian Science churches shall be offered for the congregations collectively and exclusively." I feel sure that the application of this By-Law by the members of the branch church (praying for the congregation during the service) contributed significantly to my healing.