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For weeks one summer we were greatly...

From the October 1980 issue of The Christian Science Journal

For weeks one summer we were greatly disturbed by some neighborhood children. They rode their bicycles through our yard and a neighbor's flower beds, kicked our dog, causing her to bark and chase them, looked in our windows, and rang our doorbell at 6 a.m.

After a house two doors away burned, we became afraid to go out. This fear almost kept us from going to our branch church. But we realized one Sunday that our desire to go to church stemmed from a deeper desire to worship and obey God, so we went. During the readings from the Bible Lesson (found in the Christian Science Quarterly) the feeling of the love God has for us all suddenly became clear to me and I saw that there is no other power because God is omnipotent. All fear and anxiety vanished. It was with much relief and gratitude that I sang these words from Hymn No. 64 at the close of the service (Christian Science Hymnal): "My heart is singing: I have found the way."

Later in the afternoon the two little boys who had been disturbing the neighborhood came to say they were sorry for what they had done. When I looked at them, they seemed so changed from what I had seen them as before; their faces were loving and gentle. I told them that I had gone to church that morning and prayed to see God's harmony in our neighborhood. "We will forget the whole thing," I said. "It is just as though it never happened." And I put my arms around them and said, "I love you both."