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My father, prior to becoming a Christian Scientist...

From the March 1989 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My father, prior to becoming a Christian Scientist, was employed as a soloist in a branch Church of Christ, Scientist. During this time, my mother suffered from a chronic illness as well as from a nervous breakdown. Past surgery had proved unsuccessful, so my parents decided to try Christian Science for healing. Very soon the healing took place. (See Christian Science Sentinel, December 21, 1974.) From that time on, my parents relied solely on the power of prayer for healing, and I was raised in a home where problems were solved through Christian Science. I was taught that I could always turn to God for help, and I learned to work out my difficulties through prayer. Now that I have two children, they also are learning to turn to God for help.

Shortly after birth, our younger daughter developed an unsightly discoloration on her face, and one eye became distorted. We were alarmed by the symptoms and asked for prayerful help from a Christian Science practitioner. In addition to praying and studying, I sang hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal to our daughter.

These hymns spoke of man as God's pure and perfect child and of God as our Father-Mother. One verse from Hymn 51 stood out to me: