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The Christian Science practice —open to everyone

An interview with a Christian Science practitioner

From the October 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

People sometimes think of Christian Science practitioners as a very select group. Is it true that this work belongs to a small, specially endowed group? No, it's open to every individual. Actually, this work is closely related to our desire to know God. We all have an innate ability to know ourselves as God's children. God hasn't made us His children and left us incapable of knowing it or proving it. We all have an inherent understanding that needs cultivating, and we're all free to do it. We put ourselves into the practice in proportion to our love for God and our desire to be of service.

In my own experience, at one point I was really active in politics. At the same time I was learning more and more about God and loving Christian Science. Sometimes I'd wind up sitting outside a political meeting with someone who knew I was a Christian Scientist, and he or she would start asking for help. Then I started getting phone calls from church members asking for Christian Science treatment. It just happened to me naturally as a result of my desire to serve God. And I found Christian Science practice much more satisfying than politics! I did realize, though, that I had to choose. The minute I saw this, it was as if there wasn't any choice. The practice was what I wanted to do. It's what just happens when you put God first. Everything else becomes secondary.

But all along, your thought was certainly turned outward to helping others, even your involvement in politics. That's true. It's caring about God and your fellowman; otherwise you wouldn't be in the practice. You love God and you love your neighbor. You couldn't really love God without loving your neighbor, because part of your understanding of God means that you want to help others. In Science, there are answers— you're convinced of that. People feel that and are drawn to the love you're feeling. If you really understand Christian Science, you can't keep it to yourself.

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