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From the November 2001 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Two Words. Eight letters. That's what thank you amounts to. As you'll see in this month's issue, gratitude sets the stage for healing illness, ending depression, resolving conflict. Gratitude doesn't just mean thanking God on bended knee when that long-awaited "whatever" comes through. It's thanking God for being employed by Him while you're looking for a job; thanking God for healing you before you feel better; thanking God for friendship even if you're struggling with grief over your best friend's passing.

Gratitude also means giving thanks when you're tempted to be annoyed instead. So you thank the clerk in the post office no matter how long you had to wait in line; you thank your toddler when she finally finishes drinking her milk; you thank your neighbors for sprucing up their house even if you can't stand the color they painted it.

As Marjorie Tis, author of this month's lead article, points out, "Gratitude isn't something to turn on and off, like a faucet." It's a never-ending proposition.

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