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Church members—empowered to heal

From the June 2004 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When you're a healer—and anyone can be!—people around you feel something special. They can't always put it into words, but they just know you want to help them any way you can. They know that you're in their corner—that you believe in them and in what they're capable of being and doing. So when people feel like they're in trouble, they just naturally turn to you. And you're there for them—with a word or a smile, or maybe a hug. But definitely, with prayer and healing.

Anyone can be a healer.

My six-year-old grandson, Brian, feels that way about his mom and dad—and some other people, too. Like his mom's really good friend. One Saturday night when she stopped by, Brian wasn't feeling good at all. And somehow he just knew his mom's friend could help. So he walked up to her and said, "Would you please pray for me? My head and my neck really hurt."