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From the August 2005 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I'd Quit My Job As a Teacher to stay home with our first child. Leaving ourselves with only one income wasn't easy, especially since my husband and I had just purchased a house. But I was committed to being a fulltime mom. Soon, though, we realized that something would have to change in order for us to keep up with our monthly mortgage payment and other expenses. So I decided to spend some time gaining a deeper, spiritual perspective of supply and finances.

For me, supply has always been about ideas. More than just wants and needs, it represents the natural flow of good working for good. I've seen over and over that a good idea backed by divine inspiration always carries with it the ample supply to support it. I liked thinking about the analogy of a mathematician suddenly afraid that he won't have enough 2's or 4's for the day. What if he ran out? Of course, that's ridiculous. Similarly, none of us can ever run out of a constant supply of good ideas, which have their source in God.

Mary Baker Eddy's statement, "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need," Science and Health, p. 494. was a mainstay for me. It calmed my fears and helped me to see that our family's every need is always met with Love's caring and supportive hand. I remember reading those words on the wall of our church during a Sunday service and thinking, "If God's love is filling all space now—won't it always fill all space? And isn't that same love meeting our needs right now?" Rather than asking God for more, I prayed to see that His supply was sufficient today.

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