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God is not in the earthquake

From the October 2006 issue of The Christian Science Journal

HUMANITY has long been victimized by erratic natural forces, acts of God, as they are commonly called. Is this always to be? Not if we are willing to address the challenge through divine Science, beginning with the insight revealed to Elijah about the divine Ego.

The Bible relates that Elijah, fleeing death from an enraged Queen Jezebel, ascended Mount Horeb seeking consolation from his God. There, an awesome spectacle of violent physical forces paraded before him. First a powerful rock-smashing wind, then an earthquake, and finally, fire. But Elijah realized "the Lord was not in the earthquake," and neither in the wind nor fire. At last, Elijah heard and received God's ministering love through "a still small voice" (I Kings 19:11, 12).

During Elijah's time, people believed God to be at times a fearsome personality, and this misconception of God's nature is still broadly held today. Elijah's experience, however, definitively revealed that God's nature is not manifested in destructive natural forces.