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From the April 2007 issue of The Christian Science Journal

ONE DAY, about fifteen years ago, I started to feel ill while at home, so I called a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer. While I had heard of such things happening to others, I was nevertheless amazed when I became instantly well upon hearing the practitioner's loving "hello" when she answered the phone. To me, this was a present-day replication of what is recorded in Matthew when people were healed by the Christ when they only touched the hem of Jesus' garment (seee Matt. 14:36). Similarly, in my case, I think the purity of the practitioner's Christly consciousness coupled with my expectant thought resulted in such an immediate and complete healing.

Then came the challenging winter of 2000-2001. At first, I thought I was just lonely and depressed because my only child had moved out of state for graduate school, the uncle who had raised me had passed on, and my wife had taken a job that left me in a very empty nest. And I rarely left this lonesome nest since my employment was running a home-based business. Then other problems arose. Welts appeared on my torso, and every time I moved, I was in pain. I became lethargic and dozed off frequently. I was reduced to a semi-vegetative, housebound state. Then, over a period of a few days, I had the peculiar feeling that my internal organs were starting to shut down and that I wasn't far from death.

At this point, I finally rebelled against this moribund, incapacitated state of existence by calling a Christian Science practitioner.

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