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From the June 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A HOSTILE TAKEOVER most often refers to one company taking over another against its will. It's a good description of a lot that happens outside the business world, too. Resentment, fear, despair can take over individuals, groups, and nations, and cause them to harm themselves and others.

The Bible includes plenty of stories of hostile takeovers —Jacob (greed); Miriam (jealousy); Nebuchadnezzar (pride); David (anger and lust); Peter (fear); Saul, who would soon become Paul, (fundamentalist zeal). But these people also experienced inspiring turnarounds. Their restorations to honesty, health, sanity, peace, courage, and new vision might be called Christ takeovers.

Mary Baker Eddy's poem "Christ My Refuge" describes such a takeover: