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From the June 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal

AT THE AGE OF FIFTEEN, I opened a book, given to our family by a Christian Scientist, that had sat unread for years on our living room bookshelf. I'd been seeking answers to questions about God and life for several years, and that book, Science and Health, brought answers. I had previously searched in various books and in four different religious denominations but had not been satisfied with mystery or emotionalism, or the idea that God's power was not expressed in the present day as it was in Biblical times. Science and Health made clear that rather than being hidden — yet requiring our faith — God was present in every moment and was the only Life we could live, Truth we could know, and Love that could satisfy us.

Though at that point I was not looking to Christian Science for physical healing, I was suffering from a digestive disorder with symptoms of intestinal pain, diarrhea, and physical weakness. A noted gastroenterologist had said that he was unable to help me.

I continued my study of Science and Health and felt God's loving guidance in my life. Solutions to the problems of daily living and quick physical healings followed. However, the digestive condition continued to a greater or lesser degree for more than 20 years. When symptoms were most severe, I felt separated from the joys of life. Yet my discouraged, and even desperate, calls to Christian Science practitioners during this period brought effective prayerful help, and they came to my home to visit me during the most challenging times.