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Lives Inspired by Mary Baker Eddy's Example

An ever-widening influence

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Early in my freshman year at college I stopped attending activities of the Protestant church in which I had grown up. I had no special complaint, but I was looking for something more. About the same time, I started having late night talks about religion with a new friend in my dorm. That dorm mate went on to become a Christian Science practitioner and teacher. He was, along with other Scientists I met through him, a kind of ripple set in motion by Mary Baker Eddy’s life that washed over me as it spread farther into the world.

After these new friends began to answer some of my long-standing religious questions, I encountered other ripples emanating from Mrs. Eddy’s life—her writings, the periodicals she began, and the church organization she founded. I also encountered the healing ministry Mrs. Eddy established.

Right at the beginning of my sophomore year, my head was hit hard and my face was cut in a pick-up football game. I called our College Organization advisor for Christian Science treatment. She said some firm and joyous things to me and all evidence of the injury quickly vanished.