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FAQ on the Healing Practice

Christian Science teachers respond to frequently asked questions that have come up at workshops on becoming a Christian Science practitioner.

What should the practitioner do if the patient is resistant, apathetic, or fixed on the physical condition?

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Q: When through his prayer the practitioner can see through the claims that seem to be burdening his patient, but the patient seems to be resistant, apathetic, or fixed on the physical condition, what should the practitioner do? A:  There’s isn’t a practitioner on earth who hasn’t had to deal with this issue at some time or another. One real and very practical answer—one that the human mind wouldn’t necessarily expect or accept—can be found in the Bible, in the book of Isaiah: “I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me” ( 45:5 ).