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Injured leg and foot healed

From the August 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I was getting ready to leave for the annual association meeting that I attend because I have had Primary class instruction from a teacher of Christian Science. As I lifted my suitcase to put it into the van, I felt a sharp pull, like a rip, in my right leg, and I also heard a popping sound. I fell down. 

Lying on my back looking up at the sky, I thought, “My teacher is going to give his address, and I’m going to be there to hear it. He is following his direction from the Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy, and I’m going to obey the Manual and be there to hear it.” 

The reason I felt so deeply about the Manual is that Mrs. Eddy at one point stated that the student who obeys its provisions will be blessed and grow spiritually in doing so.