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Spiritual Short

Now is the time to pray

From the October 2014 issue of The Christian Science Journal

This is adapted from a comment originally posted on JSH-Online in response to the Question of the Week, “How have you prayed to stop putting off until tomorrow what you really can and should do now?”

Often as I go through my busy day, things that need prayerful attention come to thought—little aches and pains, annoyances at something someone said, fears and anxieties. For a long time my response would be, “I need to pray about that.” And I sincerely meant to do so, but somehow in the rush from one task or appointment or obligation (or evening’s entertainment) to the next, very little praying about those things would get done. Even during my morning prayer time, the little things were often forgotten.

Something that has evolved for me is what I call my “Pray now” rule. When I suddenly see some error in thought that doesn’t go away with a quick rebuke and corrective truth, I try to remember to ask myself, “Do you have a couple of minutes?” Almost invariably I do, even in a very busy day, so I stop everything for a brief prayer. Sometimes my thought is drawn to specific affirmations of truth and denials of the error. Sometimes, if I’m not sure what the agitation or anxiety is about, or I can’t seem to settle my thought, I devote those few minutes to just worshipping God, remembering divine Love’s allness and goodness. Lots of little errors have been quickly healed this way!

There are, of course, many occasions when deeper, more thorough metaphysical work is needed. Ironically, when I’ve taken a moment to pray right away, it’s not unusual to find there is ample time to continue! If I truly don’t have time to continue right then and more prayer is needed, an important healing start has been made, usually including a mental commitment not to let the problem linger on.

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