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Healthy and harmonious pregnancy and childbirth

From the July 2020 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is with immense gratitude to God that I write this testimony that proved to me, once again, that God is the only lawmaker and the only power.

Some years ago, while I was pregnant with our second child, my husband and I chose to deliver the baby at a hospital. This meant I had to undergo routine checks with medical staff, which required sharing information about medical history, including details of my previous pregnancy and the birth of our first child. Because I had experienced prolonged childbirth, the doctor shared concerns about the likelihood of similar challenges and the negative effects that were expected. The doctor asked that I make a decision between Caesarean or natural delivery. I made the choice of natural delivery, expecting no complications. The doctor mentioned that if any issues were seen during the routine checkups, I would have to change my decision.

I have witnessed many demonstrations of God’s ever-present care for family, friends, and me through Christian Science. It occurred to me that this was yet another opportunity to glorify God and witness the proof of Truth’s reality and power. I decided not to accept the negative predictions and mental shackles of fear.