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Of Good Report

Healing, not distraction, in church

From the July 2020 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I love the healing atmosphere of services and meetings in branch Churches of Christ, Scientist. It gives me some time to spend quietly with God during the week, away from the bustle and distractions of everyday life.

Recently, I was sitting in a Wednesday testimony meeting and noticed quite a bit of coughing in the congregation. I felt such compassion and began to pray that nobody would be distracted by these issues, and to affirm that everyone is able to express and receive all the good inspiration God is providing at each moment.

I knew that right at the start of the Bible, we read that “God created man [all of us] in his own image” (Genesis 1:27). This means that because God is Spirit, we are actually spiritual and limitless, not material beings disconnected from one another with personal minds residing in brains.