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Potentially contagious symptoms dissolved

From the July 2020 issue of The Christian Science Journal

With all the talk on the news recently about contagion, I was reminded of a beautiful healing our family witnessed in our home many years ago when I was operating a licensed group child day care for 12 children. 

One morning very early, one of my grade school daughters came down and showed me that she had spots all over her body and said her throat was sore. Knowing that I was supposed to have children coming very soon to my home, in accordance with the law, I called and asked a county medical nurse if she could come to my house to check my daughter out to see if this was considered contagious and to advise what steps I would need to take with the other children. She said she would come right over. 

After checking out my daughter, she said she thought it might be scarlet fever, and I would need to have a medical doctor check her out before the other children could come to the day care. I told her I was a Christian Scientist and asked for a recommendation of a doctor. She said there was a doctor’s office very close to my home and suggested I call him. So I did, and I was told he had an opening around noon, which worked very well for me. I had parents waiting to bring their children to the day care if the doctor gave permission to do so.