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Spiritual exploration—and healing

From the February 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Questions open the door to wonderful things. For example, for mankind to go to the moon, the quest had to start with questions: Is it possible? How can we do it? Clearly, the answers were there and we went to the moon. But before that could happen, scientists had to open themselves up to ways of understanding the universe that challenged personal opinions, preconceptions, and limitations.

The physical sciences, based heavily on exploration and discovery, have always relied on questions to break new ground. The same could be said for the Science of Christianity, which came as a spiritual breakthrough for a 19th-century woman—Mary Baker Eddy—who’d been questioning the nature of reality and searching for answers for her ill health for decades. After a near-fatal injury, she experienced a startling healing, which prompted further deep questions that she went on to answer over the course of the rest of her life. 

Those of us engaged in our own spiritual exploration might find helpful guidance in this approach. Asking the kind of probing spiritual questions that take us beyond the boundaries of what we perceive—or think we know—can be a powerful tool in forwarding our own growth Spiritward, as well as in experiencing healing.