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Church: Our home and healing refuge

From the February 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I was in college, I went to study abroad in Paris for a year. Although it was my first time away from my country, I felt so welcomed and loved because my parents had contacted one of the Christian Science branch churches in Paris ahead of time, and a wonderful family offered to take me to Sunday School and Wednesday testimony meetings. They invited me to their home for dinner and introduced me to the members of the church. Very quickly I felt like I was home with family, embraced by our Father-Mother God.

That Easter I spent time with my roommate at her home in England, where my roommate’s parents (who were not Christian Scientists) drove me to a branch church with a very small group of Christian Scientists. The three members held all the positions in the church—Readers, pianist, soloist, and ushers! One of them offered to conduct a Sunday School class for me as well. I enjoyed one of the most inspiring classes I ever attended. 

The next year I returned for further study in Paris and traveled to several other countries. In each new city I visited, I would search out the nearest branch church and Christian Science Reading Room, and I always felt like I was home again. Most importantly, I witnessed the healing power of the Christ everywhere I went because even the small branches were active in their healing practice and in their communities.