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Severe injuries from bike accident healed

From the May 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Over the decades, I’ve found the accounts of healing published in the Christian Science periodicals, as well as those shared at Wednesday testimony meetings, to be powerful reminders of the healing effectiveness of Christian Science. I send my gratitude to all who have followed God’s leading and testified to the practicality and relevance of this spiritual method of healing. This has nudged me to do the same, and I’d like to share a healing that took place last summer.

One morning, toward the end of a beautiful, long mountain bike ride with my husband, I had a violent crash at a high speed when I went over an elevated cattle guard (a grid of pipes on a trail that prevents cattle from crossing). For several moments I was in a state of shock. The force of the impact caused painful internal and external injuries and deep wounds around one eye. 

I didn’t feel able to pray or talk, but my husband was immediately at my side, firmly declaring that God’s presence and power were upholding and protecting me. It was a challenge to breathe but we began to walk slowly to the trailhead. A few bystanders wanted to call for emergency services, but I had indicated to my husband that I wanted to rely on Christian Science treatment, so he thanked them and assured them I would be cared for.