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Transformation of thought brings healing

From the May 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Originally published in Portuguese

As the end of 2019 was approaching, I decided to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my son and my ex-wife in the US. We decided to meet in Boston, Massachusetts, where my ex-wife lived at that time. I was very excited about the trip, because the last time I had seen them was six months earlier in Brazil, where I live.

As the day of the trip got closer, I thought about all the good we had experienced the previous year. My gratitude for those days eased my concern about the pending logistical issues that needed to be taken care of before leaving.

With the study of Christian Science, we learn that being grateful for blessings received opens our hearts to being even more blessed day by day, with the certainty of understanding that God is constantly loving us. Therefore a feeling of gratitude and joy for my upcoming trip was constant, including during a 12-hour flight, which went smoothly, and the meeting with my two family members at the airport. I was moved to see them after such a long time, and certain that Christ was uniting our hearts in love.