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Church News

These recent postings include Church news items of wider public interest as well as ones that are primarily of interest to members. 

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Rotation in Office of Journal, Sentinel, and Herald Editor

Suzanne Riedel, Clerk of the Mother Church shares a message from the Christian Science Board of Directors notifying members of change in the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald Editorial Department of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

The Christian Science Board of Directors announces their intent to elect two new Readers of The Mother Church.

It is a joy and a privilege for me to share news of today’s admission of new members.

We so look forward to uniting with you for Annual Meeting on June 6 – online wherever you are, or here in Boston.

The Normal class of 2015

It is a joy and privilege to share news of today's admission of new members to The Mother Church.

I'm happy to share this announcement from the Christian Science Board of Directors.

With our deep appreciation for his service to the Cause of Christian Science, Russ Gerber, C.S.B, and Manager of the Committees on Publication, will be handing the baton to Richard Evans, C.S.B, current Committee for the State of Arizona, on November 1.   

We are so pleased to announce a new “What is Christian Science?” brochure.

Our worldwide membership joined in person or online for the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, which took place on Monday, June 8. The theme was “A spiritual foundation of Christ-healing”*—continuing to build.

Happy to announce the admission of new members to The Mother Church in May 2015.

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